Website Statistics


Statiqz, website statistics  v.2.0rc1

Accurate tracker of website statistics

Obsessive Website Statistics  v.

The first open source Web 2.


Log Analyzer: Trends Freeware  v.2.3

Freeware web log analyzer with detailed statistics, tracking daily changes of different site parameters. Useful web marketing and website optimization solution for webmasters. Reports: pages, search engines, referring sites, search phrases, etc.

PHPSiteStats  v.1.1

PHPSiteStats is a website statistics and monitoring software for small to large web sites and can be either database driven or logfile driven

EWebLog Analyzer  v.2 30

eWebLog Analyzer is a web server log analyzer, that gives you vital information about your website usage: access statistics, activity of visitors, referring sites, search engines, errors, and much more.

LOGWorkshop 2010  v.1.0

LOG evaluation and LOG analysis is a important issue in the range of search engine optimization (SEO) and the workload analysis and also in the rating of your own website. Every single access to the website creates data in the webserver's LOG.

Report Magic  v.2 21

Report Magic makes usable statistics from your web site log file analysis. -Illustrative line, bar and pie charts allow you to analyze trends and quickly interpret information.

EXactMapper Lite  v.1 1

Create a professional site map for your Web pages without writing a single line of code. The process is fully automated and is based on the Navigational or directory structure of your website.

IWEB Dashboard  v.

Now you can access the iWebTrack Dashboard and our website monitoring service for your own site absolutely free. See where your traffic is coming from, what keywords are being used to find your site,

Mach5 Mailer Free  v.4.2.246

Take the bulk out of email! Simple, Free, and Effective. Send personalized email messages to customers, from any database source including Access and Excel, with conditional content, HTML formatting, and attachments. Great for newsletters and

Mach5 PopMonger  v.3.5.3

PopMonger is a small, standalone tool to assist you with mailing list management. It runs in the background and checks your POP mailbox for delivery failures and requests to unsubscribe for your mailing list. When it finds a matching message,

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